More than a ...


More than an Employer...

We want you to be happy, to be creative, to be you. In our company, the most valuable commodity is experience. That is brought into the company by the people that work here. It needs to be nourished, this we do by creating the best environment possible for our people.

Investing in our people is our most important task. So they can grow, share their knowledge, take on responsibility.

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We believe that giving you responsibility over your projects and career path, will help you grow.


Building a lasting relationship together will not only benefit you, but also the growth of the company. 


Being there for our people, supporting them where necessary, giving them the opportunities they need,… these are just some of the things we put first in order to establish a reliable relationship with them.


Our straight forward vision will reflect in the way we work together. Open and honest communication is key. 

More than a Team

More than a Team

Will you be part of this amazing team?

Inge De Swaene

Founding Partner

Bert Anthonissen

Site Reliability Engineer

Gerry Put

Founding Partner

Ruben Janssens

Site Reliability Engineer

Jordan Rose

Sales Manager

Chania Beké

Cloud Engineer

Kris De Vos

Customer Success Manager

Bart Koopmans

Service Manager

Bram Borremans

Site Reliability Engineer

Sam Ysschol

Site Reliability Engineer


Site Reliability Engineer

Tom Keyen

Site Reliability Engineer