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A Cloud Partner as a Service

Maintaining applications and making sure they run smoothly in the cloud is for many organizations a real struggle. Which cloud is best for my application? How do I align the different technologies behind the application? How do I align my different teams with my processes? How do I store these processes? These questions are a thing of the past when you partner with a Cloud Service Partner.

Solutions for every cloud project

The Cloud partner to help you solve all of the above questions is Bulls-i. Our solutions come in 3 forms:

  • Time & Means
    We have several profiles that we are happy to deploy as consultants to join your team. Looking for a Service Manager, DevOps Engineer, Cloud Solution Architect or Customer Success Manager? Our colleagues are more than ready to tackle your cloud projects.
  • As a Service (AAS).
    At your service, as a service. Your project is in good hands with our team. DevOps, ITOps, PlatformOps, … we have the in-house knowledge needed to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Managed Service Provider (MSP)
    From A to Z, we take care of your entire cloud project and unburden you.

For every project, for every customer, we have a solution ready.

Bulls-i as a Service: your Cloud Service Partner

At Bulls-i, we want to be more than just another Cloud Service Partner. That’s why we view our team as Bulls-i-as-a-Service. Where we want to unburden our customers not only in terms of resources, but also in terms of knowledge.

The idea behind Bulls-i was born from 2 passionate insights. Both with a commitment to technology, and for processes. And these two merge perfectly together.

With an eye on technology

Providing scalable infrastructure that takes security and privacy into account, is what we love to do. We create infrastructure-as-code that is automatically deployed on the public and private cloud.

To ensure that infrastructure is set up quickly and reliably according to the rules of the art, we use the same processes as development teams.

And on top of all that, we support DevOps teams with their challenges.

With an eye on processes

Our ITSM processes are in place to work more efficiently and better together. By combining ITIL, Lean Six Sigma and automations, we ensure that they are aligned with customers’ needs.

For us, offering this together to the customer is the core of what Bulls-i is today.

Want to know more about us? Or want to have a talk? Let’s connect.