Position title
Cloud Engineer

Are you interested in the technology that allows online stores and social media to handle so many visitors? Do you like to automate things? Do you like to make lego without a plan? Then cloud engineering might be for you!  

Together with the customer, you'll figure out how to solve their organization's cloud challenges. You are responsible for the infrastructure that ensures that the customer's web application remains available safely and reliable. You love to creatively link cloud blocks and you're eager to help development teams find their way in the cloud.  


First of all, we are looking for a nice colleague to join our team. In addition, it would be great if this colleague is inventive and creative. Being a good communicator is always a nice addition. Do you like to share your knowledge, great, because our team is always open to that too.   

We are looking for Cloud Engineers in all levels: junior, medior and senior. We are happy to give you some more information about what we expect per seniority level:  

As Junior Cloud Engineer you know: 

  • Linux (Installation, usage, installation of services like nginx, apache, tomcat) 
  • SSH 
  • Docker 
  • Git 
  • Python/Shell scripting
  • Ansible, terraform or other IaC 
  • Jenkins or equivalent is a plus 
  • AWS or Google is also a plus 

As Medior Cloud Engineer you know: 

  • Azure, AWS or Google 
  • Cloudformation/Terraform  
  • Cloud networking (Private networking) 
  • PaaS services like object storage (S3), SQL (RDS, ..)  
  • Github/Gitlab pipelines, jenkins 
  • Serverless is a plus 
  • Kubernetes is a plus

As Senior Cloud Engineer you know: 

  • Serverless 
  • Kubernetes 
  • Cloud Security (IAM, WAF, Firewalling, ...) 
  • Data services is a plus 
  • IOT is a plus 
  • Certification: Solution architecture 
  • FinOps 
Date posted
August 26, 2022
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