More than a ...


More than a Chair

Safi's Internship journey

Take a read or a view and get to know Safi. 

Applied Computer Science at AP Hogeschool

Safi was studying Applied Computer Science at the AP Hogeschool when he ended up at Bulls-i for his internship. After his first interview with our team, he knew instantly that we would be a perfect fit. 

The perfect mindset

Safi possesses great drive and focus, qualities that he sought in the company where he wanted to pursue his internship. Staying ahead of the technological curve is very important to him. Discovering that Bulls-i and our colleagues shared this mindset was truly fantastic for him.

One team

One aspect Safi truly appreciates about Bulls-i is the diverse range of colleagues, encompassing both recent graduates and more senior professionals. He finds immense delight in the fact that regardless of their seniority, everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand. The culture at Bulls-i promotes open and effective communication among all team members.


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