More than a ...


More than a Chair

Junior Site Reliability Engineer Bert Anthonissen about his story in the chair.

For the second edition of ‘More than a chair’ we asked Bert to take a seat. He tells us how he came to work in the IT sector and how his first day in the office went.

A farmer’s son studying IT

Bert ended up at Bulls-i through his internship at a company in the Slingshot-cluster. It came as no surprise to anyone that he chose IT. IT runs in his family. Besides the farmer’s son that he is, his mother works in IT. From an early age Bert himself was fascinated with computers. He took them apart, then tried to put them back together like a puzzle. He also tried to write programs himself. Later, when he grew up, he chose for an IT course at KDG University. 

Freshly graduated and straight into the chair 

Bert graduated and a few days later he got a desk at Bulls-i. This was terrifying for him. During his education, Bert received a lot of information and tips he could use in the professional field. On his first day with Bulls-i, Bert was assigned a mentor. This person guided and helped him during his first weeks. Today his mentor still helps him with his projects. In the beginning this was a bit of a struggle for Bert. He tried to leave a good impression with his mentor, which resulted in a few sleepless nights.

A future in the chair 

Starting a new chapter is always difficult but after a few weeks Bert felt completely at home. For example, he feels comfortable to be himself with us. The chairs are really great. He also thinks they all fit together nicely. To finish of he sees a lot of room for self-improvement and growth.

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