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More than a Chair

Site Reliability Engineer Bram Borremans about his story in the chair.

For the third edition of ‘More than a chair’, Bram Borremans sat down with us. He talks about how he ended up here. Even though he has only been in the chair for less than a year, he already has a lot to say.

From an old friend to a colleague

In a previous job, Bram discovered he really liked one part of it, de Site Reliability part. Now, that part is all he does. When he was looking for a new job, Bram got a text from an old friend. That old friend happened to be our founding father Gerry. They went for dinner and Bram decided to try out the chair. How that story continued? You’ll discover in the video above.

A chair with a lot of variety 

Being in the chair for a little less than a year, Bram certainly knows what he likes about it. He likes that the job brings a lot of variety. He also likes the team spirit. The colleagues are often working on different projects but that doesn’t stop them from helping each other and giving feedback when asked.

More than a rosy future

Let’s talk about the future, which according to Bram looks rosy. There are a few projects coming his way where he gets to be part of the decision-making process. This is something he looks forward to. He also said that there’s not a lot more he could wish for here at Bulls-i. Bram feels like he ended up somewhere he belongs, where he feels good. More importantly, he ended up somewhere where he loves what he does.

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