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Cloud Application Reliability

Cloud Application Reliability

Digital transformation is a driving force in our current economy. Applications (Web, Mobile, Chatbots,…) are critical for a company to move forward with the digital transformation. The expectations from stakeholders (Customers, Management, …) are high, they require that applications are secure, performant and available.

As an organization, you need to be able to respond quickly to customer demands. This means scalability in IT infrastructure and organization.

To help you with that, we offer our Cloud Application Reliability Service. Our Service team helps you running your Cloud Application. With our processes and tools, we can support any application running in the public or private cloud. We can be a partner from the beginning or jump in later on the process if needed.

Our specialists will help you implementing and managing the crucial parts:

Monitoring and Alerting

To get a good idea what your application is doing, you need to have all the correct metrics. We help you with this to get you real actionable data to act upon. We configure alerting to be able to act quickly when problems happen.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

To be able to achieve an optimal development velocity, it is important to automate build and delivery. Software developers can then focus on creating value in your application

Infrastructure Automation

Automating your infrastructure with infrastructure-as-code that can be released in your CI/CD pipeline will ensure that your infrastructure is tied in with your software, no need to wait on other people for infrastructure, slowing down your software release cycle.


Next to helping you with the crucial parts, we also offer:

  • Coaching: Cloud is evolving in a rapid pace. We keep up with the latest trends and see what can work for you. We coach your development teams on implementing the cloud services you require
  • Architecture: Running applications in the cloud is different from running applications on-premise. We help you design infrastructure that fits your application and your budget.
  • Blueprints: These are architectures that, we think, are common for all our customers. We manage these blueprints and deliver them for free (MIT License).

We hate vendor lock-in, we are committed to delivering all our services with open-source software and tools.

More than Infrastructure

To be able to successfully deliver a reliable application, you cannot limit your view to the infrastructure of the application. You are required to look where your application lives in the ecosystem of your company and customers. The identification of the crucial parts of your application and monitor these will not only improve your service reliability, but also your user happiness.

More than DevOps

DevOps is the merging of 2 silos, Development and Operations, into one cross-functional team where the term “you build it, you run it” was the most important credo.

DevOps main focus is automation, making life easier for the development team.

In Application reliability, we use Site Reliability Engineering principles to manage applications. Next to the things that DevOps do, we also look at:

  • Change management
  • Incident management
  • Service Levels

SRE is an agile service management framework, we use it to provide a service that encompasses the complete process of application delivery.

More than a Team Member

Our service team is cross-functional, it consists of service managers, system engineers, developers and architects. Instead of hiring just one consultant, you are hiring a:

  • Service manager, he helps you with the setup of processes around customer happiness, monitoring and alerting.
  • System engineer, he helps you with the setup of your database, caching system, web application firewall,..
  • Developer, he guides you with the use of the CI/CD tools and software development lifecycle
  • Architect, he will make sure that you have a performant and secure infrastructure where your application

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